CMAT supporting deployment of medical teams to under serviced north-east coastal areas in Sri Lanka

February, 18, 2005: CMAT announced today that it will be supporting a medical team to the northeast coast of Sri Lanka to under serviced areas along the coastal belt from Jamaliya to Pullmoddai which covers Irrakkandy, Kuchcheveli, Nilaveli up to Pullmoddai.

CMAT to meet emergency needs of 1,210 children in nine orphanages in Tamil Nadu, India

February 17, 2005: Two Canadian CMAT volunteers, James Caddell and Tara Newell, have completed a needs assessment in the Tsunami devastated Kanniyakumari district in Tamil Nadu, India. As a result, CMAT will be supporting the emergency needs of 1,210 orphans and Tsunami affected children living in nine non-government funded orphanages in this district. These orphanages […]

CMAT to assist eight Tsunami affected orphanages in Tamil Nadu, India

February 9, 2005: CMAT team members recently returned from Banda Aceh, Indonesia after coordinating several post Tsunami relief projects in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. One of the main projects is to work with partner MER-C Indonesia to provide health services to the people of Banda Aceh for the next six months.

Punzo’s Restaurant raises over $4,000 USD for Tsunami Relief

  February 3, 2005: Richmond Hill, Ontario restaurant, Punzo’s, raised over $4,000 USD at a fundraising dinner and silent auction this evening. 100% of the funds will go towards capital projects at nine Tsunami affected orphanages in Tamil Nadu, India. CMAT is grateful for their support.      

CMAT Team 2 sends report and pics from Banda Aceh, Indonesia

  January 29, 2005: CMAT’s second team of 5 paramedics from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan have issued a report and pictures from their work in Banda Aceh. The team left for Indonesia on January 18 and will be returning to Canada on February 3.The team worked with CMAT partner, Mercy Malaysia in Banda Aceh. Tools and supplies […]

CMAT’s second team arrives in Banda Aceh; First team returns to Canada, files Situation Report for Meuloboh

January 23, 2005: CMAT’s second team was taken to Banda Aceh, Indonesia today courtesy of Malaysian Military air transport. In Banda Aceh, CMAT’s team will liaise with U.N. staff and other NGOs to coordinate reconstruction and rehabilitation projects.Meanwhile, CMAT’s first team sent to Indonesia on January 5, 2005 has returned to Canada and has filed […]

Home Depot donates hand tools and supplies to CMAT Reconstruction Team to Indonesia

January 18, 2005: CMAT announced today that the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Home Depot store has donated $500 USD worth of hand tools and supplies for CMAT’s Reconstruction Team to Indonesia. The team was deployed to Banda, Aceh on January 18, 2005. CMAT is grateful for this support.

Second CMAT team deployed to Indonesia for reconstruction; first team to return to Canada by end of week

  January 18, 2005: CMAT’s second team of volunteers were deployed to Indonesia today where they will conduct reconstruction projects in Meuloboh, and possibly Banda Aceh. The team of 5 are professional paramedics from Saskatchewan, and one is a licensed heavy equipment operator.  Canadian Medical Assistance Team’s first team, led by Mr. Bill Coltart, who […]

CMAT team in Indonesia, January 2005

January 11, 2013 – A very special thanks to Bill Coltart, Paramedic (Project Leader) Glen Polson, Paramedic David Deines, Paramedic Dr. David Ratcliffe, ER Physician Dr. Daryl Leski, ER Physician Dr. Kirk Sundby, Ortho Surgeon for their hard work, dedication and devotion on this difficult mission. Photos courtesy of CMAT staff.

CMAT continues to receive generous donations for tsunami relief.

January 10, 2005: I.L. Thomas Odadrihony Anita Elementary school – $1301 CAD, Oliver M. Smith Kawenni $2030, Six Nations Council $1000 from Six Nations Reserve, Oshweken, Ontario, Canada. 24 York region schools in Toronto raise $61,000 USD for CMAT Tsunami relief efforts CMAT is grateful for their support.