Policies & Procedures

​Policies and procedures are important resources which govern the operation of Canadian Medical Assistance Teams. They provide belief statements and operating guidelines for volunteers, members, donors and other stakeholders regarding the administration of program, property, volunteer, staff and organizational matters.

It is the expectation of Canadian Medical Assistance Teams that all volunteers, members, staff and persons associated with the organization; or partaking/volunteering in CMAT-sponsored events and activities will respect the policies and procedures of the Board.

FEBRUARY 2017: Note – most of these policies are under development, and the titles listed below are suggestions. This list is not an exhaustive list, and is subject to change at any time.

1000 – Conduct Policies
CON1001 – CMAT Code of Conduct
CON1002 – Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy
CON1003 – Anti-Terrorism Policy
CON1004 – Violence Free Work Environment
CON1005 – Dispute Resolution
CON1006 – CMAT Communication Systems
CON1007 – Non Solicitation/Distribution of Information
CON1008 – Drugs and Alcohol
CON1009 – Smoking
CON1010 – Representing CMAT
CON1011 – Media Inquiries
CON1012 – Dress Code
CON1013 – Confidential Information and Intellectual Property

1100 – Volunteer Policies
VOL1101 – CMAT Commitment to volunteers
VOL1102 – Role of the Board of Directors
VOL1103 – Defining Volunteers and Members
VOL1104 – Your responsibility as a CMAT Volunteer
VOL1105 – Insurance for Volunteers
VOL1106 – Volunteer Records, References and Privacy
VOL1107 – Volunteer position descriptions
VOL1108 – Recruitment and Equal Opportunity
VOL1109 – Recruitment of minors (parent/guardian release form)
VOL1110 – Service at the discretion of the organization
VOL1111 – Nepotism and Fraternization
VOL1112 – Reference and Background Checks
VOL1113 – Emergency contact information
VOL1114 – Training for volunteers
VOL1115 – Reimbursement for pre-approved expenses

SAF1200 – Safety and Security Policies
SAF1201 – Working Environment Safety and Security
SAF1202 – Injuries while volunteering
SAF1203 – Red Cross Property
SAF1204 – Identification
SAF1205 – Handling money
SAF1206 – Emergency evacuation procedures

ADM1300 – Administration and Governance
ADM1301 – Roles and Responsibilities of Board of Directors
ADM1302 – Team Leader duties
ADM1303 – Logistician duties
ADM1304 – Team Leader Teleconferences
ADM1305 – Phone line communication
ADM1306 – Signing authority and initiation
ADM1307 – Media and Communications

FINANCE 1000 – Revenue and Expenses
FIN1401 – Cash Receipts and Bank Deposits
FIN1402 – Receipt of Cash and Cash Equivalents
FIN1403 – Processing and Recording Receipts
FIN1404 – Wire Transfers
FIN1405 – Credit Card Receipts
FIN1406 – Interest Income
FIN1407 – In-kind Donations
FIN1408 – Revenue from Government Grants and Contracts
FIN1409 – Finance Conflict of Interest Policy
FIN1410 – Competitive Bidding Requirements
FIN1411 – Sole Sourced and Preferred Vendors
FIN1412 – Receipt of Goods and Services
FIN1413 – Processing Accounts Payable
FIN1414 – Receipt of Invoices
FIN1415 – Cheque Requests
FIN1416 – Internet Purchases
FIN1417 – Cheque and Wire Transfer Processing
FIN1418 – Signatory Authority
FIN1419 – Business Travel Expense Policy
FIN1420 – Travel Expense Reports
FIN1421 – Deployment Travel Expense Policy
FIN1422 – Credit Cards
FIN1423 – Issuance of Credit Cards
FIN1424 – Proper and Improper Use of Cards
FIN1425 – Documentation and Recordkeeping Requirements
FIN1426 – Petty Cash
FIN1427 – Processing Petty Cash Disbursements
FIN1428 – Petty Cash Fund Replenishment
FIN1429 – Independent Contractors and Consultants
FIN1430 – Consultant and Vendor Contract Approval
FIN1431 – Determination of Consultant Status

FIN1432 – Documenting Consultant Status
FIN1433 – Chart of Accounts
FIN1434 – Budgeting
FIN1435 – Year-end process
FIN1436 – Dissemination of Financial Information

MED1501 – Clinical Staff
MED1502 – Medical Staff Availability
MED1503 – Medical Staff Handover
MED1504 – Patient Safety
MED1505 – Informed Consent and Refusal to Medical Management
MED1506 – Managing Cases of Suspected Abuse
MED1507 – Managing Violent or Potentially Violent Patients
MED1508 – Self-Harm Risk
MED1509 – Use of Chaperones
MED1510 – Clinical Records
MED1511 – Patient clinical records management
MED1512 – Service Environment
MED1513 – Medical Centre Facilities
MED1514 – Inventory Control
MED1515 – Medical Equipment
MED1516 – Medical Equipment Repair and Maintenance
MED1517 – Medical Centre Safety and Security
MED1518 – Medical Centre Service
MED1519 – Information Provided by medical staff
MED1520 – Management of Cases with Forensic Potential
MED1521 – Management of Cases of Alleged Sexual Assault
MED1522 – Patient Referral
MED1523 – Medical Disembarkation
MED1524 – Death
MED1525 – Emergency Response
MED1526 – Pharmacy
MED1527 – Infectious Disease Prevention and Control