CMAT reflects on the decade since the Tsunami

    10 years ago today, many of us woke to news of a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that swept the Indian Ocean, taking with it 230,000 lives, and affecting […]

CMAT’s third medical team to Indonesia returns to Canada after 4 week mission on medical ship

March 22, 2005: CMAT announced today that its third Canadian medical team to Indonesia has returned to Canada after a 4 week humanitarian and medical mission along the Tsunami devastated […]

Emergency Tsunami relief projects for orphanages in Tamil Nadu, India and medical team missions to Sri Lanka and Indonesia

March 11, 2005: CMAT provided an update today on its emergency Tsunami relief projects for orphanages in Tamil Nadu, India, and medical team missions to Sri Lanka and Indonesia. Kanniyakumari, […]

CMAT staff in joint relief operations with group on medical ship in Indonesia; to jointly distribute 50 tons of rice and oil from UN World Food Program; establishes medical services in Aceh for next six months

February 21, 2005: CMAT announced today that its staff will be jointly working with a team on a medical ship making rounds sailing from Banda Aceh to Meuloboh along the […]

CMAT to assist eight Tsunami affected orphanages in Tamil Nadu, India

February 9, 2005: CMAT team members recently returned from Banda Aceh, Indonesia after coordinating several post Tsunami relief projects in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. One of the main projects is to […]

CMAT Team 2 sends report and pics from Banda Aceh, Indonesia

  January 29, 2005: CMAT’s second team of 5 paramedics from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan have issued a report and pictures from their work in Banda Aceh. The team left for Indonesia […]

CMAT’s second team arrives in Banda Aceh; First team returns to Canada, files Situation Report for Meuloboh

January 23, 2005: CMAT’s second team was taken to Banda Aceh, Indonesia today courtesy of Malaysian Military air transport. In Banda Aceh, CMAT’s team will liaise with U.N. staff and […]

Home Depot donates hand tools and supplies to CMAT Reconstruction Team to Indonesia

January 18, 2005: CMAT announced today that the Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Home Depot store has donated $500 USD worth of hand tools and supplies for CMAT’s Reconstruction Team to Indonesia. […]

Second CMAT team deployed to Indonesia for reconstruction; first team to return to Canada by end of week

  January 18, 2005: CMAT’s second team of volunteers were deployed to Indonesia today where they will conduct reconstruction projects in Meuloboh, and possibly Banda Aceh. The team of 5 […]

CMAT team in Indonesia, January 2005

January 11, 2013 – A very special thanks to Bill Coltart, Paramedic (Project Leader) Glen Polson, Paramedic David Deines, Paramedic Dr. David Ratcliffe, ER Physician Dr. Daryl Leski, ER Physician […]