CMAT supporting deployment of medical teams to under serviced north-east coastal areas in Sri Lanka

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Medical Team gathers outside a clinic in Sri Lanka.

CMAT Canadian volunteer Ms. Edith Fortier (lower right) poses with medical team members to under serviced communities east coast Sri Lanka – Trincomalee district including Pudawaikattu, Kuchaveli, Nilaveli and Irrakkakandy. Team consisted of 7 doctors, 1 nurse and 12 volunteers. (March 5, 2005).

February, 18, 2005: CMAT announced today that it will be supporting a medical team to the northeast coast of Sri Lanka to under serviced areas along the coastal belt from Jamaliya to Pullmoddai which covers Irrakkandy, Kuchcheveli, Nilaveli up to Pullmoddai.

All of these areas have received very limited assistance, if any, since the December 26 Tsunami. The Red Cross hospital that was built in Kuchcheveli about 10 years ago was completely destroyed. It had previously provided medical care to 6,000 Tamils. The entire region has 50,000 persons who have been affected by the recent Tsunami.

CMAT’s medical team will implement three missions to the area to assist nearly 5,000 persons.