CMAT Emergency Alert #2 – Hurricane Irma 2017



September 10, 2017: Since the onset of the Hurricane Irma disaster response, CMAT has been in direct communication with our partners at the World Health Organization (WHO)/ Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO) and other UN Partners.  Since 2016, CMAT has been working diligently toward official verification as a WHO/PAHO designated Emergency Medical Team.  As a result, the policies and processes under which CMAT functions in disaster response have been updated to reflect the minimum standards as outlined by the WHO/PAHO.

As of 19:00 ET September 10, PAHO has asked CMAT to prepare to deploy to the Caribbean as a “Type 1” Emergency Medical Team.

At this time, CMAT Deployment coordinators are calling for CMAT volunteers to staff rotations of medical teams, the first of which would be standing by for departure within the next 2-3 days, with deployment rotations of up to 3 weeks.

To submit your expression of interest to CMAT, the following steps are mandatory.  In order to comply with the World Health Organization’s  Minimum Standards for Emergency Medical Teams, failing to provide hard copies of the following items to CMAT will result in forfeiture of your eligibility to deploy.

In order to be placed on the list for potential deployment, please prepare your package of printed hard copies of the following documents to be kept on hand, and also submit electronic copies to CMAT:

  1. Three (3) printed PASSPORT STYLE, one copy scanned and emailed to CMAT;
  2. Proof of PROFESSIONAL REGISTRATION with your provincial regulatory body or association (College of Physicians, College of Nurses etc.), a copy scanned and emailed to CMAT;
  3. A printed and signed copy of your CMAT LIABILITY WAIVER (click link), a copy scanned and emailed to CMAT;
  4. Please ensure that your applicable PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY PROTECTION or INSURANCE is up to date, carry a copy with you, a copy scanned and emailed to CMAT;
  5. Two (2) photocopies of the photo page of your CANADIAN PASSPORT WITH A MINIMUM OF 6 MONTHS REMAINING VALIDITY, and a copy scanned and emailed to CMAT.
  6. Please send your expressions interest by COMPLETING THIS EXCEL FORM found linked here.
  7. VACCINE CARD ensuring that all your ROUTINE VACCINES are up to date, with a copy scanned and sent to CMAT.
  8. IF POSSIBLE – documentation of evidence of not having TB is also requested. (We are confirming whether this requirement is mandatory.)

All scanned and completed documents are to be attached to one single email, and sent to:[email protected]

IMPORTANT: Please indicate the specific dates within the ‘availability field’ dates which are fully confirmed, (i.e. tentative or pending shift trades etc. does not count. Your dates must be fully confirmed),  as well as indicating possible duration of availability noting specific dates.

ALL FIELDS ON THE EXCEL FORM ARE MANDATORY. We currently do not have the time nor resources to manage the overwhelming number of applications in any other format.  Incomplete forms will be rejected.

All  potential CMAT members must have a complete and updated profile registered on the CMAT website. Please log in and update your profile at:

**Please note: due to recent high traffic volume, our website and registration page does occasionally experience some glitches.  Please try again if you encounter an error.**

Kindly understand that we are all volunteers, and are getting inundated with hundreds of emails and phone calls, as well as working hard on response coordination (and our own full time jobs!!).  By sending back your completed excel sheet and required documents, we will place you on our standby list, but we will be contacting you only if deployment is confirmed, and you are moved to the deployment list.