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From medical expertise to logistical know-how and administrative experience,  CMAT volunteers are professionals who take the time and their own expense to help those in need in time of crisis.

CMAT welcomes volunteer applications from Canadian registered health professionals, and non-health volunteers.

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All applicants should be committed to the goals and values of CMAT.  Two years of relevant work experience is required for most volunteer positions. To join our field teams, you also need:

  • professional registration in your province (if applicable)
  • CPR certification (mandatory), and advanced life support (recommended)
  • a valid Canadian passport with a minimum of 6 months before expiry
  • a recent police background check
  • the ability to cope with stress
  • the ability to prioritize your workload
  • a strong command of English
  • professional and personal flexibility
  • a willingness to work in unstable environments, and harsh climates
  • a sense of adventure, and tolerance of challenging living conditions (e.g. tents, latrines)
  • relevant travel or work experience in a developing country or remote parts of Canada
  • the ability to work as part of a multicultural and multi disciplinary team


At this time, CMAT deploys medical teams in response to major global natural disasters.  You must be available for a minimum of three weeks, and be willing to fund your own travel to and from the project area. Most expenses while working in field projects are covered by CMAT.

CMAT encourages its volunteers to fundraise to offset the cost of travel.  CMAT is entirely volunteer run and donor driven.


CMAT needs medical professionals, particularly those with expertise in emergency and trauma, post-operative care, paediatrics, obstetrics and infectious disease, including:

  • physicians (GP and ER)
  • surgeons (general and trauma)
  • anaesthesiologists
  • pediatricians
  • obstetricians and gynaecologists
  • midwives
  • nurses and nurse practitioners
  • paramedics (PCP, ACP and CCP)
  • mental health specialists (including psychologists and psychiatrists)
  • pharmacists
  • medical radiation technologists
  • physiotherapists and occupational therapists


CMAT field projects depend on skilled support professionals.  Our non-medical staff ensure that day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible – attending to supplies, transportation, camp management, IT, water and sanitation, finance and general administration.  We encourage applications from the following:

  • Financial professionals
  • Human resource managers
  • Logisticians (including mechanical technicians, construction supervisors, engineers, supply chain managers, IT technicians, Search and rescue)
  • Water and sanitation specialists.
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