CMAT Coordinates donations of medical supplies to Haïti

August 29, 2021 – Canadian Medical Assistance Teams was able to gather desperately needed medical supplies and equipment to send TWO shipments to Haiti.

CMAT Medics continue to assist with medical evacuation and triage in Haïti

August 29, 2021 – Port au Prince, Haïti: Once our field assessment was complete, CMAT Assessment Teams members spent countless hours working alongside team members from HERO, Ayiti Air Anbilans, U.S. Coast Guard, MEDIC Corps, and others. We triaged, stabilized and helped to medevac critically injured patients from southern Haïti to Port-au-Prince for a higher […]

CMAT Assessment team continues its work in Haïti

August 21, 2021 – Port au Prince, Haiti: The last chopper of the day landed after 9pm last night. Dark had already set in but the tarmac was well lit. A woman who appeared 9 months pregnant, but said she was only 7 months was transferred from Les Cayes with a shattered pelvis. She also […]

CMAT Assessment Team arrives in Haïti

August 16, 2021 – The CMAT Assessment Team arrived in Port au Prince, Haïti last evening, and immediately hit the ground running.

CMAT Assessment Team departs Pearson for Haiti

August 15, 2021 – CMAT’s assessment team is making its way to Haïti this morning, in collaboration with HERO Client Rescue. Best of luck to our team, and stay safe!!!

CMAT Assessment team deploying to Haiti

August 15, 2021 – Our CMAT assessment team is assembled and will be deploying from Toronto Pearson early Sunday morning. We will be working alongside and in direct collaboration with HERO Client Rescue (Haitian Emergency Response Operations) to do some preliminary assessments of the affected areas. We need your support! Please donate at

Earthquake strikes southern Haïti

August 14, 2021 – CMAT is actively monitoring the tragic 7.2 earthquake that hit Haiti this morning. Partners are conducting rapid assessments now and we expect to have more information soon when our rapid assessment team arrives. Interested medical, logistic and administrative volunteers should ensure their profiles are up to date so you are deployment-ready […]