CMAT/ IMAT evacuating assessment team from Japan.


disaster8Wednesday, March 16, 2011 – Some frustrating circumstances have arisen. Within the last hour, it was confirmed that Emergency Operations at the Fukushima Dai-Ichi Nuclear Power plant have been suspended, and a fire erupted in the outer portion of the No. 4 reactor unit’s containment vessel. Radiation levels may rise to a potentially high level. As a result of the unstable nuclear threat the decision has been made to evacuate the assessment team.

The team is not sufficiently equipped to assist in the event of a nuclear emergency, and will be departing Japan at 1750 local time.

Many contacts were made, and the team did what they could, however the situation has become too unstable to continue. This is all very frustrating, but with the intelligence gathered, CMAT will continue to monitor, with hopes to redeploy once the situation has stabilized.

CMAT continues to appeal for donations to purchase a high-volume water purification system, and thanks all those who have already donated for their generous support. . We will continue to monitor the ongoing and developing situation, and prepare to stage our response from Vancouver and Seattle.