CMAT Response team in Haïti: Arrival in Jérémie

CMAT has safely arrived in Jérémie! A big thank you to our transport team.

CMAT Response Team has safely arrived in Jérémie! A big thank you to our transport team.

November 5, 2016 – Jérémie, Haïti:

CMAT Response team visited several areas in the vicinity of Port au Prince, to scout potential locations for the Nomad water purification unit.  One of the areas visited was Léogâne, where CMAT ran a field hospital in the immediate aftermath of the 2010 Earthquake.   (click on thumbnails to view larger images)


BC Paramedic and CMAT Team Leader Martin Metz discussed possible locations for Nomad Water Purification Unit. There are many NGOs on the ground working together to ensure all areas are properly assessed and obtain the appropriate support. CMAT prides itself on ensuring strong collaborative partnerships with local groups and other international responders.

Meanwhile, Kate Auger (NP, Ontario) and Marc Dupuis (Firefighter, Quebec) met with several local groups to learn of local initiatives and discuss potential collaborative projects.


Kate Auger met with FDS Haiti (el Fuego del Sol) to discuss potential long term medical projects in the Dominican Republic, to help meet the primary needs of displaced Haitians. Stand-by for updates on this potential project and how you may get involved. Shown here is just one of many sustainable development projects FDS Haiti has been working on. These cooking stoves extend the flame and heat by 60-90mins and convert briquettes into charcoal. Thank you to Kevin Adair, President of FDS Haiti for the wonderful demonstration.


After lengthy discussion with the Canadian Embassy in Port au Prince,  representatives of the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) cluster, and Logistics cluster, it was decided that the team would venture out to the remote region around Jérémie, estimated to be approximately 8 hours drive south of Port au Prince.

CMAT loaded up its medical supplies and Nomad Water Purification system for the journey to Jérémie, and once in Jérémie, CMAT will meet with the local WaSH cluster representatives to finalize its final deployment location.

CMAT continues to appeal for donations to help offset the cost of this project.  Please donate generously.