CMAT First team to Indonesia, January 2005

  January 7, 2005 – A very special thanks to Bill Coltart, Paramedic (Team Leader) Glen Polson, Paramedic David Deines, Paramedic, (Logistics) Dr. David Ratcliffe, ER Physician, Dr. Daryl Leski, ER Physician, Dr. Kirk Sundby, Orthopedic Surgeon for their hard work, dedication and devotion on this difficult mission. Photos courtesy of CMAT staff.       […]

CMAT team to Indonesia; 12,400 lbs of supplies shipped to Sri Lanka

January 6, 2005 – CMAT has announced a number of new developments in its efforts to deliver aid to the victims of the Indian Ocean Quake and Tsunami:

Generous Donations pouring in for tsunami relief.

January 4, 2005: CMAT announced today that J&R Hall Transport will be working with CMAT to offer on the ground logistics and transportation for in-kind donations to warehouses in the Toronto, Canada area at no cost.

Skylink Aviation ships skid of medical supplies to Malaysia for CMAT

  January 3, 2005: CMAT announced today that Skylink Aviation of Toronto shipped a skid of medical supplies to Kuala Lumpur ahead of the CMAT Medical team’s departure for Indonesia. CMAT is grateful for their generous assistance.

Asian Quake/Tsunami Emergency Relief Project – January, 2005

  January 2, 2005 – Photos of Tsunami emergency relief projects, Sri Lanka.            

CMAT ships 2 skids of medical supplies by air cargo; forms medical team to head to Sri Lanka

  December 31, 2004:  CMAT reported today that it has formed a medical team to be headed by Mr. Bill Coltart, a paramedic from British Columbia Ambulance Service. Mr. Coltart of Courtenay, B.C., will head a group consisting of an emergency physician and several paramedics with specialized training in heavy urban rescue, and extrication.

CMAT strives to meet relief shortfall in Indonesia

December 30, 2004  – CMAT consulted today with its medical team and CMAT Chairman to reassess its emergency relief efforts in Asia. Relief efforts have so far focused on Sri Lanka which sustained major devastation and over 28,000 deaths, and CMAT has air shipped three skids of medical supplies to its partner in the region.

CMAT establishing networks with agencies in Sri Lanka; readies air shipment

December 28, 2004: CMAT reported today that it is establishing networks with relief agencies on the ground in Sri Lanka and is continuing to prepare a relief shipment. CMAT is working to have the relief shipment consisting of medical supplies, medications, canned food, and infant formula included on a Canadian military cargo flight to the […]

CMAT readies emergency relief shipment to Sri Lanka

December 27, 2004: CMAT reported today that it is launching emergency relief operations for Sri Lanka, the hardest hit country in the recent 8.9 magnitude quake that rocked 9 Asian countries on December 26. The death toll is 23,000 and climbing.