Meet CMAT Volunteer Brandon Duncan, RN!

April 6-12, 2014 is National Volunteer Week.

Meet some of the inspiring CMAT volunteers who help us fulfil our missions in communities around the world!

Brandon Duncan, RN assesses a small child in CMAT's field clinic in Pétionville, Haiti. April 2010.

Brandon Duncan, RN assesses a small child in CMAT’s field clinic in Pétionville, Haiti. April 2010.

April 7, 2014 – Brandon Duncan, RN

CMAT volunteer Brandon Duncan, RN learned about the 2010 earthquake in Haiti on the news, and began to research on how he could help.  His solution came to him through an old high school classmate, who was also volunteer with CMAT.  Through Facebook, Brandon kept reading updates the volunteer’s brother was posting online.  Brandon was immediately drawn to CMAT, applied, and was selected to go to Haiti in April 2010. Brandon has been involved in a variety of local CMAT activities since then, and deployed to the Philippines in November 2013.  Brandon also  travelled to the Gaza Strip in November 2012 with another organization, to assist in teaching ACLS to local emergency responders.

One of his most memorable experiences took place in the CMAT clinic in Haiti. “I was assessing a patient, while there was a woman in active labour nearby. After the baby boy was born, everyone started inquiring what newborn’s name would be. This was my opportunity to pipe up. I yelled out,  ‘Brandon is a great name!’. The mother loved it and now there is a little boy named Brandon galavanting around Haiti.”

During his involvement with CMAT, Brandon has felt fully supported by his family, friends and colleagues. “While preparing for deployments, there are often little things that need to be taken care of during my time away.  I have truly been lucky to have people around me willing to trade last minute shifts, pick up last minute supplies, and ensure my plants don’t die while I am away.”
Brandon graduated with a BScN from the collaborative St. Clair College/University of Windsor nursing program in December 2008. His career began in the nursing reserve unit at University Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre in London Ontario. After going to Haiti  he discovered a true passion for disaster relief and emergency nursing.  He moved his nursing career full time into the emergency department in January 2011. Since then, Brandon decided to add a little more excitement and professional growth, and occasionally takes to the skies as a flight nurse in Northern Manitoba.
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